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Help us raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension on social media by using these unique PH Awareness Month graphics on your profile page:

1. Change your profile banner to this image (click to download)



2. Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture (by visiting this link)

Option_3.png Option_2.png

By coming together to raise awareness, each of us can do our part to educate decision makers, health care providers, friends and family, and the larger community about the challenges of living with pulmonary hypertension (PH). Change cannot be created if people do not understand the issues. If those affected by PH do not tell others about it, no one will. By educating others about PH, you can help to save lives. Education leads to earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment. By raising your voice, you can help us to shine a spotlight on this disease and make everyone from health care practitioners to politicians take notice.

Raising awareness starts at home and in your community.

It’s easy for everyone to get involved in awareness-raising activities (big or small): at work, at school, among family and friends, in your neighbourhood, at your community centre, on your social media channels, and more. We have tools to help you help us spread PH awareness everywhere in Canada! Want some ideas? 

  • Wear purple for a week, and share photos online with the hashtag #LifeInPurple
  • Create a personal page and have friends support you in a challenge during the month of November
  • Tell your story to people around you: how has pulmonary hypertension turned your life in purple?
  • Set up an awareness booth at work, at school, or in a local community space to raise awareness of the illness
  • Share videos from our YouTube channel to help people see how pulmonary hypertension impacts up to 10,000 Canadians today

PHA Canada is here to help your awareness efforts by providing you with the materials and support that you may require. For more information or to discuss your ideas, feel free to contact us at (604) 682-1036 (ext. 102) or

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