Your child receiving a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension can be life-altering. Once the initial shock of having a child diagnosed with a disease that most have never heard of fades, parents are left with the reality of living with PH. Although significant changes in lifestyle are often necessary to accommodate PH, most children continue to lead happy and fulfilling lives. PH parents continue to raise their families and can find ways to make day-to-day tasks a little easier while caring for their child. 

Resources and support make living with PH easier. PHA Canada’s Pediatrics Committee is currently developing resources to help families of children with PH. If you would like to connect with other PH families in Canada or would like to share ideas about resources that would be useful to your and other families, please contact us at


Information for Families of Children Living with PH

As a parent or family member, the more information you have, the more equipped you will be to advocate for your child in a variety of situations. Explore these resources to learn more about some of the issues and challenges that are unique to children living with PH and how you can help your family to deal with life with PH.

School Package

Resources in the School Package are designed to assist parents/guardians in the task of informing a school (or daycare or camp) about a child's needs and condition. 

Other Ressources


Connect with Other Families

Pulmonary hypertension is a scary and stressful disease and, as a parent caring for a child with PH, you may feel isolated in your fight. Connecting with other Canadian PH families can provide you with the support boost you need, whether you are beginning or at a new step of your PH journey.

Pediatrics Committee

The purpose of this committee is to help develop materials and programs to help support children living with PH and their families.

Pediatrics Community and Research News

Access news articles featuring members of the Candian pediatrics PH community and information on current pediatrics PH research. 



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