Parents of Children with PH

Dealing with the critical illness of a child is one of the most challenging things that a parent will ever face.  Feeling as though you are alone makes this an even more daunting challenge.  PHA Canada is reaching out to a growing number of families who have children affected by PH in order to help them connect to share experiences and end the feeling of isolation.  If you are a parent or family member of a child with PH and would like to connect with others who share your experience and to learn more about the resources available to you as your family adjusts to life with this illness, contact us at

As a parent or family member, the more information you have, the more equipped you will be to advocate for your child in a variety of situations.  Explore the pages below to learn more about some of the issues and challenges that are unique to children living with PH and how you can help your family to deal with life with PH.



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