World PH Day

Friday May 5, 2017, marks the 6th annual World PH Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness of pulmonary hypertension (PH).

World PH Day is a global awareness event, but everyone can participate on a local scale! Celebrating World PH Day helps raise awareness of PH, but it is also a way to celebrate the strength and resilience of the PH community worldwide. On May 5th, we also celebrate developments in the areas of PH research and treatment!

Get Ready for World PH Day 2017!

Help us Paint Canada Purple

  • In the last years, PHA Canada has celebrated World PH Day with Paint Canada Purple, an awareness campaign that illuminates monuments and landmarks across Canada in periwinkle. This year again, we invite our community to raise awareness and celebrate periwinkle power by sending requests for their favourite monuments to be illuminated on May 5th. Click here to access a list of monuments that accept illumination requests and resources to participate in #PaintCanadaPurple. 

Organize a Special Event

  • May 5th is a great opportunity to raise awareness in your community with an educational activity or to celebrate periwinkle power with a special support group gathering. If you are thinking of organizing a special event in your community to mark this global #PHAwareness day, we invite you to apply for a PHA Canada Seed Grant. PHA Canada has a limited amount of money available to support member-driven events that will benefit the PH community. To discuss your ideas or obtain more information, please contact Jamie Myrah at or 1-877-774-2226 x101.
  • Fill out a Seed Grant request form.

Order PH Educational Materials and Purchase PH Awareness Items

  • We have everything you need to make a big periwinkle splash for World PH Day! Visit our online store to order free educational materials and purchase PH awareness paraphernalia. PHA Canada’s new PH awareness flag is also is available for our members to use at events or hoist in their communities. Contact our Communications Associate, Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte, at to use one of our flags.

Raise Awareness with our PH Awareness Videos

  • In 2016, we produced a new PH Awareness video and two video PSAs that were broadcast all over the country for November PH Awareness Month. World PH Day is an occasion to watch these videos again and make them circulate on social media!

PH Awareness Video

PH Awareness PSA: Invisible Disease

PH Awareness PSA: Play Time

About World PH Day

WPHD_logo1.jpgCelebrated annually on May 5th since 2012, World PH day is an international event that raises awareness of pulmonary hypertension worldwide.World PH Day focuses on the importance of improving the quality of life, and life expectancy of more than 25 million people living with PH worldwide. More than twenty five international PH patient associations participate in World PH Day by organizing national awareness campaigns.

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