Guidelines for event submissions

We at PHA Canada want to do everything that we can to support our community’s events. This means:

  • helping to share news items or media coverage
  • spreading the word about community events
  • providing materials to support events
  • celebrating member successes at any level!

For PHA Canada to help you, we need your support in providing all of the important details about your event or news posting. Below are guidelines on how to submit news or events, or request materials.

How to submit an event

  • Submit your event online through our website portal at 
  • Fill all of the required fields in the form. Events that don’t contain key information like time, date, place, details and contact person cannot be published on our website.
  • You must use the online form: submitting events via email does not guarantee that they are seen by PHA Canada staff, because they may become mixed up with other emails.
  • Your event listing will be posted to the PHA Canada website within 3 working days.


How to submit a news item

  • Submit news articles by email to Bronwyn at and include the link to the original article. News articles must originate as text articles from other websites: photos of printed newspaper articles cannot be published on the PHA Canada newsfeed.
  • Your news item will be posted on the PHA Canada website within 3 working days.


How to submit photos, recipes, personal stories or other items

  • Submit any other items by email to Bronwyn at
  • Include relevant details about your submission: for example, who is in the photo, where was it taken, why is this a great recipe, etc.
  • PHA Canada will use your submission in one or more of the following areas: Facebook, Twitter, in Connections Magazine, in our Pulse E-Newsletter/Pulsation French E-Newsletter, in awareness or advocacy materials and emailers, and on our website.


How to request materials for an event

  • Submit requests for materials (such as brochures, magnets, bracelets, etc) by email to Shirley at Include the shipping address, the items desired, and the quantity (number) of each item.
  • Materials must be ordered a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event. Because PHA Canada strives to keep administrative costs as low as possible in order to focus on programming, items cannot be expedited. We will try to fulfill requests given on shorter notice, however, individuals may be asked to cover the cost of shipping.
  • Requests for materials must be made by the individual who is holding the event.



  • Make sure to submit your news or event at least 3 working days prior to when you want it listed on the PHA Canada website. PHA Canada staff are on the west coast, working on Pacific Standard Time, and so cannot post events prior to 9AM PST.  
  • If any news or events are submitted without all of the important information (date, time, venue, contact person, details), they will be posted at PHA Canada’s discretion. Incomplete submissions may not go on our website, but may go on our Facebook page. 

If you have any questions regarding news, events or other submissions, please email Bronwyn at

We are grateful to receive member submissions. Thank you for sharing your news and events with us!



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