PHA Canada Scholarship Program

We understand that life with PH can be expensive. That’s why PHA Canada offers a Scholarship Program to help reduce costs for PH patients and their caregivers to participate in educational events, such as the Eastern Regional Symposium. The scholarship fund provides financial assistance to as many qualified applicants as we can support each year. An anonymous Scholarship Committee of the Board of Directors makes all scholarship decisions.

Scholarship funds are made available thanks to the support of PHA Canada’s sponsors. The Scholarship Program is intended to benefit members of the community who, without financial assistance, would not otherwise be able to participate in this unique educational opportunity. As such, we encourage those who do not require financial assistance in order to attend, to not apply for a scholarship.

Based upon available resources, scholarships will primarily be awarded to cover the costs of hotel accommodation and/or transportation (see guidelines below for further details). 

Scholarship Application Timeline – Eastern Regional Symposium

Scholarship Application Process Opens: Thursday, June 01, 2017

Scholarship Application Deadline*: Friday, June 30, 2017

Scholarship Committee Review Period: July 01-31, 2017

Notification of Scholarship Recipients: August 01-15, 2017

Scholarship Acceptance Deadline (Cancellation Deadline): August 30, 2017

*Late applications will continue to be accepted from qualified patients (including parents/guardians) diagnosed within three months of the deadline, for as long as scholarship funds are available. 

Waitlist & Cancellation Policy

PHA Canada will maintain a prioritized waitlist of potential scholarship recipients, in the event that not all scholarships awarded between August 01-15th are accepted and funds remain. All scholarship recipients will need to confirm acceptance of their award by August 30th. Any accepted scholarship cancelled after August 30th will be immediately redistributed to the next available recipient on the waitlist. In the event that the waitlist is fully satisfied and scholarship funds still remain, a call for last minute scholarship applications will be made in September. Scholarship applications will then be considered on a first come, first served basis, for as long as scholarship funds are available. 

Scholarship Application Guidelines – Eastern Regional Symposium

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the online application form at

If you would like assistance completing your application form, please call us at 1-877-774-2226.

All applications must be received by PHA Canada - either online or by phone - by 5:00 pm, Pacific Time, on June 30, 2017 

Please review these guidelines carefully before submitting your application.

Scholarship funds will be allocated based on need and the availability of resources. Priority will be placed on supporting newly diagnosed patients/families, as well as those community members who are new to PHA Canada events and the Scholarship Program. We encourage those who can afford to attend the Eastern Regional Symposium without financial assistance, to not apply for a scholarship.

All decisions will be made based upon reasonable travel costs and in accordance with PHA Canada’s Travel Policy. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be final. 

1. Scholarships for the Eastern Regional Symposium are available to Canadian PH patients and primary caregivers living in, or east of, Manitoba. Symposium registration is free and everyone is welcome; you do not need to be a member of PHA Canada to register or apply for a scholarship.

2. Scholarship applications will be assessed according to the levels of need requested, the total amount of funds available, and the total amount of requests received. Special priority will be given to applications from persons who: 

  • a) Have been diagnosed with PH within the last two years
  • b) Live in a rural or remote community where opportunities to participate in PH-related activities are minimal or non-existent
  • c) Have not previously attended a PHA Canada conference/symposium or a similar PH-related event
  • d) Have not previously received a scholarship from PHA Canada

3. The value of individual scholarship awards will be determined based upon the particular needs identified by each applicant. There will be no maximum award value per recipient. Applicants from rural communities who may have high travel costs are encouraged to apply.

Recipients who receive hotel accommodations as part of their scholarship award will have their rooms booked and paid for directly by PHA Canada. Other travel expenses granted by a scholarship award will be reimbursed after the event, upon submission of an expense report and receipts*. Reimbursements will be made in accordance with PHA Canada’s Travel Policy (available in full upon request): 

  • a) Personal Automobile – mileage reimbursed at $0.54/km; based on distances calculated by Google Maps
  • b) Ground Transfer – taxi, bus, and train fare reimbursed at the lowest available fare in accordance with the distance travelled
  • c) Airfare – reimbursed at economy fare by the most direct route
  • d) Accommodations – event designated hotel at special negotiated rate

4. Assistance with airfare will generally be limited to a maximum of two persons per household (i.e. patient/caregiver). All patient scholarship recipients travelling by air with a companion will be required to apply to WestJet Airlines’ “One Person One Fare” assistance program to try and cover the cost of the companion’s airfare. Details on this program can be found at  (or by searching WestJet One Person One Fare Program).

5. We recognize the unpredictable and episodic nature of living with PH, and understand that scholarship recipients may need to cancel or alter their participation at the last moment. We ask all scholarship recipients to make reasonable efforts – to the extent their health allows - to participate in the event. In the event of cancellation, PHA Canada will make efforts to reallocate scholarship funds to another qualified applicant. 

Thank you for your interest in attending PHA Canada’s first Eastern Regional Symposium. If you have questions about the event or the Scholarship Program, please contact Jamie Myrah, Executive Director, at or 1-877-774-2226 ext. 101.

*In limited circumstances of serious financial hardship for the scholarship recipient, PHA Canada may be able to pay in advance for direct travel bookings. 


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