Alert: Ontario Tracleer error


Attention patients living in Ontario taking Tracleer: Actelion Pharmaceuticals has informed us there is a technical error in the ODB drug approval system. When patients fill a prescription of Tracleer or any generic of Tracleer in Ontario only, pharmacists try to get approval for coverage through the system, they are being rejected because those drugs gave been accidentally deleted from the approval list.

The ODB has acknowledged this error and is working to fix it.  They will continue to provide coverage as per their policy: this has not changed. This does however require some sort of exception process handling by the pharmacist. We are notifying you just in case a pharmacist you are dealing with is unaware and you are charged even though you shouldn't be.

This will not affect patients who are part of the Tracleer Patient Support Program, however Actelion is unsure how the 40% of Tracleer patients not on the program will be affected.

The purpose of this alert is to make patients in Ontario aware of the potential issue. Do not worry however as you will be covered as before either by ODB or by Actelion in the interim while the problem is fixed. 

Again this is strictly an ODB technical issue within their system, they are working to fix it but have not yet been able to do so within the past two weeks.

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