2018 12 15 Realtors Giving Back (PH Fundraising Event)
Vaughan (ON), Chateau Le Jardin
All Day

This organization was founded after hearing the story of little Erica, the daughter of a realtor, and the challenges that face a family after hearing such devastating news.

As realtors, we are fathers, mothers, daughters and sons.  We earn a living only on the successful performance of our efforts, and usually with our up front investment into our clients properties before any commissions are earned.   Our efforts not only earn our incomes to invest into our businesses, but more importantly feed our families, generously give back to charities, sponsor local events and much more.  For the most part, realtors get involved and are leaders in their communities and chosen disciplines.

Sometimes tragedy finds some of us and tough decisions need to be made.  Can you imagine needing to choose between earning and income, or spending what little time you may have left with one of your children?  It is an option none of wish to face, and yet they sometimes become decisions we need to make.

Realtors Giving Back, is a simple concept.  Its sole and determined intent is to raise money so that we can support one of our own in need.

We hope that as realtors, you can empathize with our selected recipients, and look forward to your support

Thank you.


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