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Lionhead Golf and Country Club
To make a donation, or to take part in the event, visit www.phacanada.ca/golPH2018 Message from Pat Paulin, event organizer: This event helps support the many people affected by pulmonary hypertension in Canada. People like my daughter Brooke... B.....

Scleroderma is a hard disease in part because no two people seem to experience it in the exact same way.  Every scleroderma story is one of courage, exploration and “forging a new path.”  It’s a path, however, that we do n.....

"I can't seem to find any useful information for my condition on the internet." "All this medical research is really complicated; I can't make heads or tails of it." Sound familiar? As a rare disease warrior, you're your own best advocate. You kno.....



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