8th Annual World PH Day

Sunday, May 5, 2019, will mark the 8th annual World PH Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness of pulmonary hypertension (PH).

World PH Day is a global awareness event, but everyone can participate on a local scale! Celebrating World PH Day 2019 helps raise awareness of PH, but it is also a way to celebrate the strength and resilience of the PH community worldwide. On May 5th, we will also celebrate developments in areas of PH research and treatment.

For the past five years, thanks to the efforts of members of our community, monuments have been illuminated in periwinkle purple on May 5th from shore to shore, including landmarks such as: BC Place, Vancouver; Calgary Tower, Calgary; High Level Bridge, Edmonton; CN Tower, Toronto; Niagara Falls, Niagara; Ottawa Heritage Building, Ottawa; and Olympic Tower, Montreal!

To ensure that Canada shines brightly in periwinkle purple on May 5th this year again, please help us by sending requests for monuments in your area to be illuminated.

Download our illumination request template letter. This letter is a general request to illuminate a monument, and it will only take you moments to customise it to your monument and your area.

Here is an overview of the 2019 World PH Day events taking place all across Canada: 

Don't see an event happening near you: why not plan an awareness activity or fundraising event? For help and advice on how to get your event off the ground, contact PHA Canada at info@phacanada.ca.

[Last updated 03.04.19]



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