Volunteer with PHA Canada

Volunteering with PHA Canada is your chance to give back to the PH community. 

Volunteering for a cause that you believe in is one of the most meaningful and life-changing things you can do. PHA Canada would love to create that opportunity for you.

Current volunteer positions:


 Web Server Research Consultant


Regional Researcher: Online Community Resources


Graphic Illustrator

2D Animator


You could be an incredible volunteer. PHA Canada is passionate about harnessing the best of our community's energy, efforts and heart to bring greater awareness to the rare disease of pulmonary hypertension. We understand that our wealth lies in our dedicated community of PH supporters, and want to provide opportunities for anyone who wishes to do more for PH.

Let's create your perfect volunteer positionWe would love to work with you to create your perfect volunteer position. We match each volunteer's professional skill set, availability and interest to a specific project with concrete, measurable results. This means that volunteers are engaged on a project basis that suits both their personal goals for volunteering as well as the goals of PHA Canada. Volunteers may work either locally (in Vancouver, BC) or remotely depending on their location and the nature of their volunteer project.

Click above to fill out the online form or contact us at volunteer@phacanada.ca You can also call us at 1-877-7-PHACAN. We are excited about what you can bring to our mission and can't wait to begin working with you.

Becoming an advocate is another powerful way to affect change. PH may not be as common as other well-known conditions, but when each member of the PH community speaks out, we have a powerful voice that gets powerful results.

When you contact your local MPs, share your personal story with government officials and get involved as a spokesperson when action is needed you are helping to assure that PH is put in the spotlight and that needs of PH patients with regards to access to medicines, research and other vital services are being met. Working together, PH advocates have helped us to get better access to medications and assure the availability of combination therapy in Ontario, but there is more to do!

Connect with experienced advocates and PHA staff. Learn more about the issues that need your voice. Take action and make a difference! If you are interested in becoming a PH advocate, please write to us at advocacy@phacanada.ca.


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