Periwinkle fleece blanket - $13.50


This periwinkle purple fleece blanket made its debut at our 4th National PH Conference in May 2015, where it was an enormous hit! The blanket is a medium weight fleece with a darker purple stitched border, and comes in a fleece pouch. These blankets make the perfect gift, and are fantastic to sell at fundraising or awareness events! 

Blanket dimensions: 4' by 6' (48 inches by 60 inches)


Regular price listed as:

Blanket cost: $12 - the listed price INCLUDES SHIPPING, which is why it appears as $25.50.

Shipping cost: $13.50 for the first blanket, and $1.50 for each additional one.

Due to increased shipping costs from Canada post, we are unfortunately unable to ship this item for free. In order to cover costs, PHA Canada is charging $13.50 for the shipping of one blanket, with $1.50 per additional blanket. We encourage support groups and groups of friends to order together to save on shipping costs. If you wish to order more than 10 blankets at once, please contact us for a further reduced shipping rate.

Dimensions 48x60x0 in
This product is unavailable.


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