PHA Canada Eliminates Annual Membership Dues

September 27, 2017

Important information about changes to PHA Canada membership for individuals and families:

Earlier this year, PHA Canada’s Board of Directors made the decision to phase out the collection of individual ($10/year) and family ($25/year) membership dues. Moving forward, annual membership will no longer be required in order to benefit from PHA Canada programs and services. 

With this change, PHA Canada seeks to strengthen our engagement with the PH community and reduce barriers to participation in our programs and services. We recognize that the need to renew membership every year presents a challenge for many people, resulting in missed opportunities and less support for patients and their families. Instead of formal membership, we encourage all members of the Canadian PH community to connect with PHA Canada in many other ways, including through our website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube), publications (i.e. The Pulse newsletter and Connections magazine), and numerous education and support resources. We welcome connecting with all PH patients in Canada, as well as their caregivers, PHamilies and PHriends, and the healthcare providers who care for them.   

PHA Canada was established almost 10 years ago to represent a united Canadian PH community, including patients, caregivers, and health care providers. Over the years, our community has grown considerably, with more PH patients being diagnosed and treated than ever before. Likewise, more families than ever are turning to PHA Canada for disease and treatment information, support resources, and assistance with accessing appropriate care and treatment. We are committed to creating multiple ways—beyond annual membership—for people to come together in support of our vision of a better life for Canadians affected by pulmonary hypertension, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to amplify the voice of the PH community. 

For further information, please Jamie Myrah, Executive Director, at or 1-877-774-2226 ext. 101.  

Subscribe to Connections Magazine

We recognize the value of Connections magazine and are committed to making this high-quality, bilingual publication widely available to the whole community. As such, Connections magazine will now become available by subscription and all PH patients (or their primary caregiver) will be eligible to receive a free lifetime subscription! Connections will also be available to all other members and supporters of the Canadian PH community for a small subscription price. 

Beginning with the Spring 2018 issue of Connections, everyone will need to sign up for either a free or paid subscription in order to receive the magazine by mail. Patients with a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension living in Canada (including PH patients who have received transplant) are entitled to receive a free lifetime Connections subscription with no renewal required. Primary caregivers of someone living with PH (i.e. parents of children with PH) are also eligible for a free lifetime subscription, to a maximum of one free subscription per household. All other subscribers may choose between one or two-year paid subscription options.

Don’t delay! Sign up for your new subscription today!

Support PHA Canada

Instead of formal membership dues, we welcome any charitable contribution you may be able to make to the organization. As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of our supporters in order to provide support, education, advocacy, awareness, and research programs that empower the PH community. If after signing up for your new Connections subscription you’re looking for more ways to get involved, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. 

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