November PH Awareness Month

November is PH Awareness Month and our community is taking part in awareness-raising activities all over the country! It’s possible for everyone to get involved in awareness-raising activities (big or small): at work, at school, among family and friends, in your neighbourhood, at your community centre, on your social media channels … We have tools to help you help us spread PH awareness everywhere in Canada!

Here are some ways in which you can get involved:

Join our Lend a Hand Campaign

Coup_de_main.pngThis year the Lend a Hand campaign is serving as both an awareness-raising and a fundraising tool! In addition to getting people to
sign paper hands in acknowledgement of PH, participants will be able to collect small donations (a loonie or a toonie) for each signed hand. Funds raised through this campaign will be matched by our partner Actelion up to $10,000. Half of total raised funds will be directed towards our research scholarship! To order your Lend a Hand kit(s) fill-out the online form.


Organize a 6-Minute Walk for Breath 

awareness_w_ribbon-03.pngOrganizing a 6-Minute Walk for Breath event is a great way to raise PH awareness and can also serve to raise funds to support PHA Canada programs. We’ve got documents and material to help you organize this kind of event. If you would like more information or a kit, email Mariane at



Host an information booth, organize a fundraiser, give a speech…

There are many ways in which you can use November Awareness Month to boost the amazing work you are already doing! Contact Susan ( for ideas, support or tools.

Raise funds for PH Awareness Month

awareness_month_2015-02.png PH Awareness Month is the perfect time of year to raise funds to support PHA Canada’s programs and activities. As a charity serving the PH community, we rely on donations to maintain programs and develop new initiatives to support you and all those whose lives are affected by pulmonary hypertension.  We are grateful for the contributions of all our members and supporters— the time and energy they dedicate to the cause, their ideas and messages of hope, the love they show us every day, and their financial support, which help us achieve our vision of a better life for all Canadians affected by PH.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and help raise funds to support our activities, we invite you to create a personal online donation page, through which you can ask family and friends to make a financial contribution to PHA Canada. Online fundraising is for everyone, not just the tech-savvy. Creating your own personal fundraising page is quick and easy to do and is a great way to reach out to all your contacts and spread PH awareness at the same time.