"Lend a Hand" for November PH Awareness Month

Spreading the word about Pulmonary Hypertension is so important – it helps to educate others about PH, leading to better understanding of the disease and hopefully earlier diagnosis for those who may be living with it and not yet know it. Raising PH awareness can also help to connect patients who may not know that others in their community are going through the same thing. This can lead to the creation of support groups and strengthen our PH community as a whole. Your support of the "Lend a Hand" campaign will contribute to the continued growth and strengthening of our PH community.

Here are some ideas for how you can hold a successful Lend a Hand campaign:

  • Hold the campaign at your (or a family member’s/friend’s) child’s school
  • Hold the campaign at your (or your caregiver’s/friend’s/family member’s) workplace
  • Contact a local PH Clinic/hospital/grocery store/community centre/public library/shopping centre and ask if you can set up a table for the campaign. Tailor the template request letter to the place you would like to hold your campaign
  • Host a Lend a Hand party at your house and have all participants sign a hand
  • Ask your friends and family to participate and give them each a stack of handprints to have signed by people they know.
  • If you belong to any groups (church group, book club), get the members of the group involved.

The above ideas are just a few ways to participate. You can be as creative as you would like and come up with your own ways to spread PH awareness. Remember that educating people about PH can be very empowering and can help to get someone in your community an earlier diagnosis. Do not forget to share your personal story while you are doing the campaign – it is the best way to teach others about what it’s really like to live with PH and is your greatest awareness tool.

As you gather signatures and handprints, you can display the posters to showcase how many people have already participated. This is especially effective if you can set up a Lend a Hand booth in one location over the course of a few days, or if doing at a school, workplace or library. Ask the staff to help you display the handprints to encourage others to participate.


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