Ideas for Fundraising

  1. Dress Down Days - Ask your employer if you can have a “Dress Down for PH Day” in your place of work or approach local businesses to get involved.  Many companies such as banks, call centres or schools already participate in dress down days and you can request to become a recipient of the donations collected.  This is very easy to coordinate and can be a very good fundraising opportunity.
  2. Workplace Giving - If you employer participates in a workplace giving program, you can act as a Workplace Ambassador by spreading the word about PH by distributing flyers in the workplace or asking to speak about PH at a staff meeting or in-service.  Ask your employer to designate PHA Canada as a recipient for their Workplace Giving program.
  3. Write to Your Circle of Friends - A Circle of Friends letter writing campaign empowers you to share your PH story with family and friends and raise funds at the same time.  This campaign not only creates awareness, it gives friends and family members an opportunity to show their support by making a donation to PHA Canada in your honor.  The concept is very simple, and PHA Canada staff are available to help you along the way.  You simply need to set a fundraising goal, make a list of contacts you wish to approach and write a letter requesting their support.  Letters can then be sent out by mail or electronically by email.  Your letter gives them information on PH and requests that they consider making a donation to PHA Canada.  This not only raises funds, it increases awareness of PH within your circle of friends.
  4. Organize a Special Event - There are endless possibilities when it comes to organizing a special event.  Some examples of events that have been held successfully throughout the country and the US include: curling fun spiels (BCPHS), mini golf tournaments (NBPHS), golf tournaments, fun-walks (US), and more.  You can put together a special event with the support of friends and family.  These events generally take several months to organize and require the support of many volunteers.  In order to plan a special event, recruit a group of volunteers, set a date and time, seek sponsorships and contact PHA Canada for materials and support.
  5. Organize a 6-Minute Walk for Breath - PHA Canada offers a 6-minute walk for breath kit, to help you organize our signature event the 6-Minute Walk for Breath; it contains all the tools you need: just add a venue and participants. Learn more about the 6-Minute Walk for Breath here.
  6. Pennies for PH - This is a fun and easy way to raise funds for PH while also raising awareness with community groups.  Ask your local schools, church groups or other organizations to collect “Pennies for PH” for a set timeframe.  Place collection jars or other collection receptacles (ie. Wishing wells) in prominent locations and ask for donations of pennies.  Have a special “penny rolling party” at the end of the event and enlist the help of volunteers. PHA Canada offers posters and jar stickers to help with your efforts contact our office to order.

Do you have other ideas for fundraising in your community?  We want to hear from you!  Share your fundraising ideas with PHA Canada at


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