Fundraising and Awareness Activities

Why is raising awareness so important? If you or a loved one has been touched with pulmonary hypertension, you know that lack of awareness is one of our greatest challenges.  Diagnosis is often delayed due to the rare nature of this disease. By coming together to raise awareness, each and every one of us can do our part to educate health care professionals, family members, friends and the community at large on the challenges of living with pulmonary hypertension. Change cannot be created if people do not know that there is a problem. If those affected by PH do not tell others about it, no one will. By educating others about PH, you can help to save lives.  Education leads to earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment. By raising your voice, you can help us to shine a spotlight on this disease and make everyone from health care practitioners to politicians take notice.

Raising awareness starts at home and in your community.

You can choose to raise awareness by telling your story, talking to the media, presenting at a local event or reaching out to others living with the disease. Nothing is more powerful and educates better than sharing the story of how PH has affected your life whether you are a patient, a caregiver or a family member.

PHA Canada is available to support you your awareness efforts by providing the materials and support that you may require. For more information on how you can start raising awareness today, follow this link, take a look at the other links on the right hand side of your screen or contact the PHA Canada office today at (604) 682-1036 or

Do you have a unique idea for raising awareness in your community?  We would love to hear your ideas and stories!

Raising funds raises awareness too. There are many ways that you can get involved in raising funds that will create better lives for all Canadians living with PH. We invite you to become involved in one of our fundraising programs, or to initiate a fundraiser within your own community. Fundraising events provide a fantastic opportunity to invite friends, family and your community to show their support.

For fundraising inspiration, check out our list of fundraising ideas. Fundraising opportunities are everywhere and limited only by your imagination! PHA Canada is here to support your fundraising endeavours at every step of the way. For more information on fundraising, contact us at


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