Where your donations go

How does PHA Canada use funds raised?

As a registered Canadian charity, we at PHA Canada are frequently asked about where donors’ funds go. When you donate to PHA Canada, how is the money spent? Does PHA Canada have administrative costs? Is it possible to designate donations to support particular areas of the organization? These are all valid and important questions.

PHA Canada’s main purpose for existing is to provide a better life for Canadians living with PH. We understand that living with PH can be isolating, heartbreaking, challenging, expensive, inspiring and even hopeful. Our goal is to support people who live with PH – and that means patients, their families, caregivers and communities – so that their lives can be richer.

This support happens through a variety of programs, which are focused in the following areas:

  • Advocacy (advocating on behalf of the PH community with all levels of government)
  • Awareness programs (campaigns to educate others about the disease)
  • Patient and Family Support Programs (resources and support for children living with PH and their families)
  • PHA Canada’s website (to educate and connect community members)
  • Printed materials (educational brochures, new to PH kits,  and our bi-yearly magazine Connections)
  • Local Chapter Support (support to local groups for their awareness activities)
  • Educational Events (Conferences and Symposia)
  • Scholarships (to help members of the community attend PH-related events)

The above areas are where we have found that Canadians living with PH can receive the most benefit from our support. When you host a fundraiser for PHA Canada or make an occasional donation, your funds go towards supporting those programs. 

Designated Funding for Research

We are thrilled to announce that as of May 2014, PHA Canada will be contributing funds towards research in pulmonary hypertension. We understand that every patient and caregiver desires to contribute to research that holds the goal of finding a cure for PH. This will always be a cause that is close to our members’ hearts, and because of that, PHA Canada wants to help. If you are fundraising for PHA Canada, you now have the option of designating some of those funds towards research efforts. To learn more about contributing and why PHA Canada has moved in this direction, please read our new gift acceptance policy. 

Designated Funding for Patient Scholarships

We currently have one area towards which fundraised contributions may be designated. This is the Keep the PHlame of Hope Alive Patient Scholarship Fund.

Because we know that PH can be an expensive disease, PHA Canada offers a scholarship program to create opportunities for patients and caregivers. This scholarship fund allows community members who require financial assistance to attend and participate in educational events related to PH, such as the National PH Conference. This directly fits into our mandate of providing support to all Canadians living with PH. As PH is a rare disease, newly diagnosed PH patients and caregivers may not know a single other person who faces the same challenges that they do. The scholarship fund allows for patients and caregivers to come together for events which provide both education and empowerment for living with this disease. If you wish, you can always dedicate your fundraised dollars to the Patient Scholarship Fund.  If not dedicated, your funds will be dispersed to support all of the programs and activities listed above.

PHA Canada’s bottom line is to make the lives of PH patients and caregivers easier. When you donate to PHA Canada, you support thousands of individuals living with PH from coast to coast. As an organization that exists for and because of our community, each member is invaluable to us. We are endlessly grateful for your support and can’t wait to see a brighter future for all of those living with PH.

PHA Canada is a Federally registered charity. Our charitable number is #872050224RR0001.Tax receipts are issued for donations above $20.00. 


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