Matching Gifts

 PHA Canada is grateful for the generosity of our donors. One of the easiest ways to maximize (double or even triple) the size of your gift is through your employer’s Matching Gift program.

Over 500 employers, including corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations, and associations in Canada will match donations made by their employees to charitable organizations like PHA Canada. Some match 1:1, others 2:1, some even 3:1 or more. Matching gifts are a very important source of funds for PHA Canada and they are an easy way for an employee to make a donation that will have a more significant financial impact.

Companies have various methods for matching gift request submissions, including online forms and paper forms that you submit to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada. Many companies will match personal gifts, such as cash, stocks, marketable securities, and the value of your volunteer time. Companies may also match gifts from employee spouses, retirees, and board members.

Here's how to take part:

  1. Consult this list, to see if your workplace matches employee donations. Even if your company is not listed here, you should ask your human resources or personnel department. This list does not represent a complete list of all companies in Canada that offer matching gift programs. If your company has a matching program and is not on the list, please let us know. If your company does not currently match employee donations, suggest they consider doing so.
  2. Contact your human resources, personnel or community relations office for more information and matching gift forms. And don’t forget: in addition to employees, some companies match gifts from spouses, retirees and non-employee directors! Obtain a Matching Gift form and review the program guidelines to ensure that PHA Canada is eligible to receive matching gifts from your employer.
  3. Complete the donor section of the form and submit it, along with your gift, to:
Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada
750 West Broadway, Suite 917
Vancouver BC V5Z 1H8


The form can also be emailed to (for example, if you are donating online at

Matching Gift request forms can be sent separately from donation (if you wish to donate online), but cannot be completed until your donation has been verified.

That's it! We will certify on the form that we have received the gift and return the form to your company for matching funds on your behalf. The company will send its matching donation directly to PHA Canada. You will be mailed an official tax receipt for your gift and once we receive your employer’s matching gift, they will receive a receipt for their gift.

If you have any questions about matching gift programs, please call 1-877-7-PHACAN or email us.


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