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Canada has a unique structure with respect to its relationship with support groups across the Country. This is because many groups had formed prior to the establishment of PHA Canada and were in various stages of formal organization/registration at that time.  In order to bring together these groups to form a strong, centralized national voice, the Board of Directors of PHA Canada has set up a unique structure in which the many groups have come together as Support Groups, Chapters and Affiliates. PHA Canada works closely with each of these groups and has signed agreements. In contrast, Chapters operate directly under the PHA Canada umbrella, alleviating the need for them to register as separate Charities in Canada. Affiliates will continue to operate under their own charitable numbers while supporting and working closely with the national organization. Support Groups are smaller local entities that focus strictly on providing support for patients through meetings and events.

We are committed to ensuring that patients everywhere have the best level of local support and that grassroots awareness is taking place across the country. We work with and support all local and regional groups and also support the development of additional groups in areas that currently do not exist.  As ending isolation and having local support is of utmost importance, we encourage the creation of new local support groups and can provide the tools and resources needed to help that happen.  If you do not see a local support group listed for your area, please contact us directly to find support.

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Not Listed?

If you are part of a support group, which you do not see listed here, please let us know via email at

Start Your Own Group!

If you do not see a group listed in your area and would be interested in helping to get one started please contact us as well ( PHA Canada has a vast array of resources, such as our “Starting a Support Group” Kit, to help you get started and to help your support group become successful. This kit offers a variety of tools and ideas to get your group started and lists the many ways in which PHA Canada can help you to organize your first meeting and advertise your group/any meetings you will be holding.

Connecting the PH Community Coast to Coast Programme

Starting in October 2010, we will also be working with the staff at PH Clinics and with interested patients and caregivers in cities where no support groups exist, to help plan, organize and coordinate a first educational support group meeting, including a guest PH specialist speaker. The idea behind these first meetings is to generate momentum and bring together individuals who may want to participate in future support group meetings. Contact us at to learn more.

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