Connections Subscription Policy

Connections magazine is one of PHA Canada’s most important engagement, education, and marketing tools. Published twice a year (Spring/Fall) in both English and French, Connections brings together the Canadian PH community to inform, support, and celebrate one another. Filled with community news and stories, research and treatment updates, interviews with PH medical professionals, and more, Connections is a valuable resource that PHA Canada is committed to making widely available to the PH community. The purpose of the Connections Subscription Policy is to establish parameters for direct distribution of the magazine that maximizes PHA Canada’s engagement with the PH community.

Subscription Rates & Renewal Periods

Subscriptions to Connections magazine shall be made available at the following rates:

  • One-year subscription – $25.00 CDN (total of two issues)
  • Two-year subscription – $40.00 CDN (total of four issues)

Subscription periods will correspond to the calendar year (January to December). Renewal notices will be sent to expiring subscribers in January of each year. In the event of a partial year subscription, the subscription fee will be pro-rated according to the number of issues received by the subscriber.

All subscriptions include shipping by regular post to a Canadian residential or business address. Subscriptions from outside Canada will be subject to an additional shipping charge of $6.00* per issue for shipment to the United States or $16.00* per issue for shipment to all other international locations.

Free Subscriptions for PH Patients & Primary Caregivers

Patients with a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension living in Canada (including PH patients who have received transplant) are entitled to receive a free lifetime Connections subscription with no renewal required. Primary caregivers of someone living with PH (i.e. parents of children with PH) are also eligible for a free lifetime subscription, to a maximum of one free subscription per household.

In the event of the death of a patient/caregiver receiving a free lifetime subscription, the subscription may be transferred to another member of the subscriber’s immediate family. For instance, a patient’s subscription may be transferred to their surviving spouse or a parent’s subscription may be transferred to another parent or to the patient. 


Patients/caregivers who no longer wish to receive their free subscription may cancel at anytime by notifying PHA Canada in writing. Free subscriptions will be reinstated for eligible subscribers in accordance with this policy.


*Shipping fees subject to change


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