Board of Directors

Carolyn Doyle-Cox, RN, MSN, AP

Director, Nurse Liaison


Carolyn graduated from Mount Saint Mary College in New York in 1985 with her BSN and from the University of Phoenix in 2003 with her MSN. Carolyn began her career working in CCUs in NY and Boston. She moved to Canada in 1999 and joined the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), where she has worked as a nurse in the Cardiac Surgical Unit, clinical nurse educator, and APN Heart Transplant, VAD's and Heart Failure. Carolyn briefly left UOHI to work as a clinical support specialist for World Heart and returned in 2007 working together with Cardiology and Clinical Services in starting the Ottawa Pulmonary Hypertension Program. Carolyn currently serves on the Board of PHA Canada as the Nurse Liaison and has done so since 2011. She is also the Chair of the PH Health Professionals Committee.


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