2013 Peer-led sessions

These sessions were recorded at the 2013 National PH Conference, held in Ottawa on September 20th-22nd, 2013. 

Click on the audio player to listen. If you would like to request a copy of any of these lectures please contact the PHA Canada office.

Moments where the audio cuts out are due to the attendee asking a question while not speaking into the microphone. We appologize for any continuity issues this may cause in listening to the sessions.

Focusing on emotional health: optimizing quality of life

Presenters: Emily Dolan, RSW (Chair); Heather Tulloch, MsC, PhD

Session description: Living with a chronic disease like PH can be very emotionally taxing. However, due to the multitude of other issues that PH patients must deal with on a daily basis, emotional health often takes a back seat. The panelists in this session will discuss how to optimize emotional health and quality of life while dealing with invasive treatments and a difficult disease.

What's your story: how to share your story so that people will listen

Ruth Dolan,
(Chair); BJ McCabe

Session description: Stories are the foundation of our lives. They are what we tell ourselves and what we tell others about who we are in the world. Since the days of cave drawings, humans have needed to share their stories, express themselves and give voice to their truth. In this workshop, participants will explore their own stories for meaning and learn how to use the powerful tool of storytelling to enhance life.

Phighting back against PH: how to get involved

Presenters: Ruth Dolan (Chair); Carol Doyle; Carolyn Mathur; Grace Wickenheiser

Session description: A panel of members of the community who have been involved in fighting back against PH in a variety of way, share their stories and answer questions about how to get involved. Topics will cover: raising awareness, sharing your story with the media, fundraising through special events and starting/getting involved in a support group.

Breathing your way to calm: exploring alternative therapies

Presenters: Lynn-Marie Cox, (Chair); Locana Sansregret, MD

Session description: This session will give participants some insight on developing a personal toolkit for coping with stressful situations. The presentation will include information on using breathing techniques and various forms of meditation as a means of stress relief.

Don't let PH leave you grounded: travelling with PH

Presenters: Raylene Matlock, RN (Chair); Jas James; Warren Lindberg, RRT

Session description: Travelling with PH poses certain challenges, leaving many patients uncertain about their ability to ever travel again. The speakers in this session, including a PH nurse, an oxygen specialist and a patient with extensive travel experience, are here to tell you that PH doesn’t have to leave you grounded. With some proper preparation, you too can travel with PH.

Avoiding the salt mines: a patient's perspective on diet and PH

Presenters: Carolyn Pugliese, RN (Chair); Kate McGoey-Smith

Session description: We are told by doctors to “avoid salt” as much as possible because pulmonary hypertension and the medications we take often cause our extremities to swell. It is important information but how do we do it? There are low salt products on the market, but processed foods are often loaded with salt. So what’s a girl, who considers herself a kitchen klutz, and just thinking of cooking makes her tired, to do? Join Kate as she shares her journey and tells you about the added perks of less swelling, weight loss and better lab results! This will be a fun hour of learning and sharing, with “navigation” handouts on low salt products, how to better understand product labels, easy recipes and online educational resources.

Communicating with friends and family about PH

Presenters: Rita Hebert, (Chair); Gail Nicholson RN; Bob Pelletier, MSW, RSW

Session description: Explaining PH to those who do not understand your illness can be a challenge, especially for those who do not outwardly appear sick. A panel of speakers including a social worker, a nurse and a patient will share their expertise and discuss how to tackle the daunting task of communicating about PH with others. This will be a good session for both patients and family members who want to learn to better communicate about PH.


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