2013 Medically-led sessions

These sessions were recorded at the 2013 National PH Conference, held in Ottawa on September 20th-22nd, 2013. 

Click on the audio player to listen. If you would like to request a copy of any of these lectures please contact the PHA Canada office.

Moments where the audio cuts out are due to the attendee asking a question while not speaking into the microphone. We appologize for any continuity issues this may cause in listening to the sessions.

Everything you need to know: the basics of PH

Presenters: Sanjay Mehta, MD (Chair), Lisa Mielniczuk, MD

Session description: Learn about the normal working of the heart and lungs, and hear in clear layman’s terms what happens to these systems in pulmonary hypertension patients. An overview of the general treatment strategies for PH will also be discussed. What you learn here will provide the foundation for focusing your attention on other sessions – and your own situation. This session is recommended for newly diagnosed patients and family members wanting to gain a better understanding of the disease.

PH Treatments: What's on the Horizon

Presenters: Ali Kapasi, MD (Chair); George Chandy, MD

Session description: This session will highlight the various clinical trials that are currently active, the trials that have been recently completed as well as other recent innovations in PH research.

Your PH questions answered: Q & A panel

Presenters: Lisa Mielniczuk, MD (Chair); Rosemary Dunne, RN; Danielle Methot, RRT; Carolyn Pugliese, RN

Session description: This session features individuals asking all of their burning questions about pulmonary hypertension to our panel of PH doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists.

From concept to market: the progression of PH therapies

Presenters: Steeve Provencher, MD (Chair); Duncan Stewart, MD

Session description: Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for a new drug to go through clinical trials and come to the market? Our panel of PH researchers will talk about the progression of drug development from an initial concept through the development and trial stages, to approvals and finally onto the market.


Presenters: Ali Kapasi, MD (Chair); Jamie Kretzschmar; Maureen Lalonde; Lisa Mielniczuk, MD; Carol Storseth, RN

Session description: This session will consist of a panel of speakers including both medical professionals and patients with experience with lung transplant. The session will include information on: working with your medical team to make the decision to get transplanted; the process of getting listed for a transplant; how the selection process works (how it is determined who is called and when); what the transplant team does/ what happens when you are called in for transplant; and pre and post-transplant care.


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