The Burden of Illness Survey Report

In September 2013, PHA Canada launched a nationwide survey of persons affected by pulmonary hypertension. Our goal was to determine the burden of illness of pulmonary hypertension for both patients and caregivers. Conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of PHA Canada, this survey of 179 respondents (118 patients and 61 caregivers) was the first of its kind conducted in Canada to measure the impact of this rare, debilitating, progressive and potentially fatal disease.

The findings reveal that Canadians living with PH are struggling to live with the many burdens the disease places on their lives. Respondents list social isolation, lack of disease awareness and both physical and financial burdens as the top challenges that need to be addressed. Please review the survey findings in the booklet below. This booklet is also available in a printed format, and makes a fantastic resource for advocacy and awareness activities. Please write to to request printed booklets.